Integrated UAV Solutions
Volatus Drones is an Integrated Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) solution provider offering services from Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) design and manufacturing to complete system integration, testing, production and certification. As a member of the Volatus Aerospace Group, we are proud to offer Total Drone Solutions including added features such as training, operating services, and commercial distribution, as needed.


The real value of a drone is not the vehicle itself but rather how that vehicle is equipped using sensors, cameras, and connectivity equipment. Our integrated systems allow for fulfilling missions in different fields.


Our engineers strive to deliver the best solution through the design or modification of existing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or remotely controlled Aircraft, or the design of purpose specific units. Whether for a custom project or market UAS, Volatus is committed to leveraging technology to achieve the best result.

  • Research and Technical Development for practical projects
  • Multipurpose Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Design, Analysis and Validation
  • Perform aerodynamics, performance and flight dynamics analysis
  • Material selection for manufacturing
  • Problem solving skills and pro-active in the fulfillment of project aims
  • Design and manufacturing for non-air vehicle related projects to include ground support equipment, wind tunnel models, electronics enclosures, etc.

Area 5.1 Flight Test & BVLOS Flight Training Facility

Area 5.1 was established as the Flight Test facility to support Volatus Drones Research & Development activities and to serve as the Remote Training Facility for the Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) programs under development by M3 Drone Training Zone.

This facility allows Volatus Drones to provide our customers with a Total Drone Solution from concept development and testing, through certification, manufacturing and training. For those companies preferring an OPEX versus CAPEX business model, Volatus offers ‘Drones as a Service’ (DaaS) through its operating subsidiary M3 Drone Services.

As a group, we are also experienced operators both within Visual Line of Sight (VLOS) and Beyond (BVLOS). This experience, combined with our experience in design, manufacturing, and certification, makes Volatus Drones a worthy contender for the most projects.

  • Secure gated facility in secluded area.
  • 50 acres.
  • 45 minutes from Toronto
  • 2,000 FT grass runway
  • Heliport
  • MD 500 Helicopter for BVLOS Test Monitoring
  • Hangar and office complex.
  • Accommodation nearby

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